Airport Parking Services: Costs and Availability

Airport parking can often be a headache for travelers who are rushed to catch their flight or exhausted after a long trip. Finding convenient and affordable parking that fits your needs is crucial to starting and ending your travels smoothly. Airport parking facilities offer various services to make parking easier for customers. Understanding these services, their costs, and availability helps travelers choose the best options.

Types of Airport Parking Services

There are several types of airport parking services offered to meet different travelers’ preferences and budgets. The most common options are valet parkingcovered and uncovered parkingEV charging stationsshuttle servicesluggage assistance, and car care services.

Valet Parking

With valet parking, travelers drive up to the airport departure terminal and hand their car and keys over to a valet driver. The driver will then park the vehicle in the garage or lot and retrieve it upon the traveler’s return. Valet parking is convenient for those short on time or wanting help with luggage. It is more expensive than self-parking but provides door-to-door service. The average cost of airport valet parking in the United States is around $35-$50 per day (Source: TheAscent).

Covered and Uncovered Parking

Many airports offer both covered and uncovered parking facilities. Covered parking is more protected from weather elements like rain, snow, dust, etc. However, it typically comes at a higher daily rate than uncovered or outdoor parking. According to data from, the average cost of covered airport parking is around $24 per day compared to $14 per day for uncovered parking.

EV Charging Stations

As electric vehicles become more popular, airports are installing more EV charging stations in their parking garages and lots. Charging an electric vehicle typically takes much longer than fueling up a gas vehicle. Long-term airport parking provides the opportunity for EV owners to fully charge their cars while traveling. The availability of EV charging stations varies greatly by airport and region. As per Statista’s survey, Chicago O’Hare International Airport has the most charging outlet ports (100) among U.S. airports.

Shuttle Services

Most on-site airport parking facilities provide free shuttle services to transport travelers between the parking lot/garage and the airport terminals. These frequent shuttle buses eliminate the need for passengers to walk long distances with luggage. Airport shuttles typically run every 5-10 minutes. Some long-term parking providers even offer shuttles between off-site lots and airport terminals.

Luggage Assistance

Many airports allow parking facilities to provide luggage assistance and check-in services. Travelers can check bags and print boarding passes right at the parking garage before even entering the terminal. Luggage assistanceemployees will securely store and deliver checked bags to the airline. This allows customers to skip lines and walk straight to TSA security after parking. For example, The Parking Spot near Dallas Fort Worth International Airport offers luggage assistance and airline check-in at its covered and uncovered lots (Source: The Parking Spot).

Car Care Services

Some airport parking operators are also partnering with car care businesses to allow travelers to have their car serviced while away. Services like car washing, detailing, oil changes, and inspections can be scheduled right at the parking facility upon arrival or departure. For instance, WallyPark Denver provides complimentary car washes for customers who park for at least 7 days (Source: WallyPark).

How to Choose the Best Airport Parking Service

When selecting airport parking, travelers should consider the duration of their trip, budget, need for covered/uncovered access, availability of shuttle service, EV charging requirements, and any extra services like luggage assistance or car care. Airport parking reservations can usually be easily made online in advance for the best rates and space availability.

Travelers taking short 1-3 day trips typically use hourly or daily parking facilities closest to the terminals. Longer trips call for value-priced long-term parking with shuttle access. Frequent business travelers may benefit most from reserved or membership parking programs. Valet parking works great for those willing to pay more for ultimate convenience.

Comparing all the airport parking options available and reading recent customer reviews helps identify the best providers that offer a good value and high-quality service.

Cost of Using Airport Parking Services: What to Expect?

Airport parking rates vary significantly by location, duration, and type of service. According to data from, the average cost per day for airport parking in the U.S. is:

  • Valet: $35-$50 
  • Hourly Parking: $8 per hour 
  • Daily/Garage Parking: $24 per day
  • Long-term Surface Parking: $14 per day

Parking costs tend to be higher at larger, busier airports versus smaller regional airports. For example, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport has an average daily parking rate of $23 while Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport averages just $11 per day (Source: TheZebra).

Many airport parking facilities offer discounts for booking parking early online, saving 10-25% or more off drive-up rates. Savings become most significant for long-term parking. For instance, two weeks of Long Beach Airport parking booked ahead of time online costs $84 total versus $280 driving up without a reservation (Source: Way).

Consider joining frequent parker programs or memberships at airports traveled regularly. Benefits provided often include free parking hours, priority access, discounts, reward points and more. 

Top-Rated Airport Parking Services Across the Globe

Here are some of the top-rated airport parking services across the globe:

  1. On Air Parking
  2. Way
  3. SpotHero
  4. Airport Parking Reservations
  5. Airport Parking
  6. Go Airport Shuttle
  7. CheapAirportParking
  8. ParkRideFly
  9. WallyPark
  10. The Parking Spot
  11. Park N’ Fly
  12. Parking4Less
  13. Airport Park and Ride

These airport parking services offer a range of options, including short-term and long-term parking, covered and uncovered parking, shuttle service to and from the airport, and luggage assistance. Some also offer additional services such as car wash and car detailing services, EV charging stations, and airport lounge packages. Prices and availability may vary depending on the location and time of year, so it’s always a good idea to check in advance and make a reservation if possible.


Airport parking facilities worldwide are focused on adding more conveniences and high-tech features like online reservations, automated parking systems, and real-time space availability to create a smoother parking experience for travelers. Understanding all the services offered and determining priorities before reserving parking leads to a less stressful journey.