Motorcycle Parking at Airports: Fees, Costs and Safety

Motorcycle parking at airports refers to designated areas within airport parking facilities for motorcyclists to safely park their bikes. These special motorcycle parking zones are located closer to airport terminals than regular car parking and provide convenient access for riders. Airport motorcycle parking is clearly marked with signs and offers various amenities to accommodate motorcycle travelers.

As motorcycle registration has increased over 50% in the U.S. in the past decade, airports have adapted to meet the needs of more motorcyclists by expanding motorcycle parking options. The number of motorcycles parked annually at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) has grown 30% in just the last 5 years, showing the upward trend.

How to Find Motorcycle Parking at Airports?

There are several ways for motorcyclists to locate motorcycle parking before arriving at the airport:

1. Online Research

Most airport websites have parking maps and list motorcycle parking options online. Riders can search “[airport name] motorcycle parking” to find details.

2. Airport Website

Information on motorcycle parking locations, fees, access, and amenities can typically be found on the official airport website’s parking section.

3. Customer Service Inquiry

Calling the airport’s customer service number can provide guidance on finding motorcycle parking areas. Representatives have access to the most up-to-date parking resources.

4. Mobile Apps

Many airports have parking apps with maps and real-time parking availability. These can assist motorcyclists in finding open motorcycle spots.

5. Signage and Directions at the Airport

Once at the airport, riders can follow signage marked for “Motorcycle Parking” that directs to designated areas. Parking attendants can also point motorcyclists in the right direction.

What are the Benefits of Motorcycle Parking at Airports?

There are several advantages motorcyclists can enjoy by using airport motorcycle parking:

1. Cost-Effective

As mentioned, motorcycle parking rates are generally lower than car parking. Some airports even offer free motorcycle parking for certain durations. This saves motorcyclists money compared to parking a car.

2. Space Saving

With motorcycle parking zones, multiple motorcycles can fit in the space of one car. This allows airports to accommodate more vehicles overall in their parking areas.

3. Convenience

Located closer to terminals than car parking, motorcycle lots provide quick and easy access for riders. This minimizes travel time between a bike and the airport entrance.

4. Easy Access to Terminals

Once parked in motorcycle zones, riders can promptly reach their departure terminal without needing shuttles or walking long distances like car passengers.

5. Security Measures for Motorcycles

Surveillance cameras, security patrols, and lighting in motorcycle parking areas give motorcyclists assurance their bikes are protected while traveling. This added security is a major benefit.

What are the Rules and Regulations for Motorcycle Parking at Airports?

Though specific motorcycle parking regulations vary by airport, there are some general guidelines riders should follow:

  • Only park in designated areas marked for motorcycle parking
  • Display valid motorcycle parking receipt if required
  • Park within lined spaces and avoid blocking aisles
  • No parking on curbs, lanes, or ramps leading to terminals
  • Comply with maximum parking duration limits
  • Do not leave helmets or loose items on bikes
  • Park at own risk in unsecured motorcycle lots
  • Follow all airport parking rules and posted signs

Motorcyclists should review parking rules on the airport’s website prior to travel for full details. Regulations help maintain order and security in motorcycle parking areas.

How Much Does It Cost to Park a Motorcycle at an Airport?

Motorcycle airport parking rates are around 25-50% lower than car parking rates, on average. Cost varies by the airport, parking duration, and whether covered or uncovered parking is used. Some examples of motorcycle parking costs:

  • O’Hare International Airport, Chicago – $8 per day ($40 weekly max) 
  • Denver International Airport – $5 per day ($30 weekly max) 
  • Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport – $8 per day ($40 weekly max)
  • Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport – $3 first hour, $5 per day 

Covered/garage motorcycle parking is more expensive than uncovered lots but offers protection from weather. Riders should check each airport’s parking website for current rates. Major airports offer motorcycle parking discounts of 40-60% compared to car parking.

Is There Free Motorcycle Parking Available at Airports?

While most airports charge a fee, some do offer free motorcycle parking for certain durations:

  • San Francisco International Airport – 1 hour free motorcycle parking 
  • John Wayne Airport, Santa Ana – free motorcycle parking
  • LaGuardia Airport, New York – free designated motorcycle parking near Terminal A
  • Norfolk International Airport – complimentary motorcycle parkingin the Permit Parking Lot

Riders should verify free motorcycle parking details on the airport’s website, as policies can frequently change. Typically, longer parking durations incur a daily fee. But the free parking periods allow motorcyclists to quickly pick up or drop off passengers without paying.

Which Airports Offer the Best Facilities for Motorcycle Parking?

Certain airports stand out for their upgraded amenities tailored to motorcyclists:

1. LAX (Los Angeles International Airport)

LAX offers up to a month of free parking for motorcycles and has signs at the parking gates that state explicitly where motorcycles should park. The airport adds new covered motorcycle spaces annually to meet growing demand.

2. John Wayne Airport

This airport allows motorcycles to park for free in designated areas near terminals. John Wayne also offers secure motorcycle parking cages to protect bikes.

3. LaGuardia Airport

In addition to free motorcycle parking, LaGuardia provides luggage carts parked near the motorcycle lot for convenient transport into the terminal. Riders have easy elevator access as well.

4. Norfolk International Airport

Norfolk International Airport has free motorcycle parking in their Permit Parking Lot adjacent to Hourly North parking. This provides cost savings plus convenient terminal access.

Tips for Safe Motorcycle Parking at Airports

To keep their bikes secure, motorcyclists should follow these safety tips when parking at the airport:

  • Use covered parking or a security cage if available
  • Make sure kickstands are down and bikes won’t tip over
  • Park defensively to avoid damage from cars or pedestrians 
  • Use a motorcycle cover to protect your bike
  • Avoid parking next to larger vehicles that could block visibility
  • Lock helmets and remove loose items to prevent theft
  • Get full insurance/checks pre-travel in case of parking lot damage
  • Take photos of your parked bike just in case
  • Leave contact info visible in case parking needs to be adjusted

Proper precautions help motorcyclists have peace of mind their bikes stay safe while traveling.


As motorcycle popularity grows, airports are expanding parking to meet riders’ needs. Understanding motorcycle parking locations, costs, rules, and tips enhances airport experiences for motorcyclists. With proper planning, riders can conveniently access terminals, save money on parking compared to cars, and keep their bikes secure. Airports offering free motorcycle parking for short durations, covered parking, luggage services, and prime terminal access provide excellent facilities to accommodate motorcyclists. By being informed and proactive, motorcyclists can take advantage of the benefits of airport motorcycle parking.