Cherry Capital Airport (TVC), Traverse City Parking

If you’ve ever been to the airport only to spend an excruciating length of time searching for a parking spot, and then get overcharged, you’re not alone. Parking at airports is annoying but it doesn’t have to be.

Parking is invariably one of the most stressful and costly aspects of flying. By the time you find a space and park your car, you’re usually already running late.

Stop searching for the perfect parking spot near Cherry Capital Airport! This guide has everything you need to know, including free and paid options, as well as covered and valet services. By the end of this article, you’ll be an expert on finding the right parking solution based on your needs.

Best Parking at Cherry Capital Airport, Traverse City

The Airport Parking is the best place to park at Cherry Capital Airport. It’s close to the airport terminal, and it offers short-term and long-term parking. Parking at Airport Parking is $10 a day.

The address for Airport Parking is:

727 Fly Don’t Dr, Traverse City, MI 49686, United States.

Leaving your car unattended can be worrisome, but with security cameras installed on the property, you can have peace of mind knowing that it will be safe.

The Airport Parking parking area has an automated pay station that accepts cash and credit cards. You can also purchase a prepaid parking permit online or at the airport for discounted rates. If you plan to park in the Airport Parking area, consider purchasing a prepaid parking permit to save money.

Free Parking at Cherry Capital Airport

Does Cherry Capital Airport have free parking? Cherry Capital Airport does not have free parking. There are a variety of parking options available at the airport, but all of them require payment. Short-term parking is available in the hourly lot next to the terminal building, and long-term parking is available in the economy lot a short distance from the terminal.

There is also a valet parking service available at the Cherry Capital Airport.

Cherry Capital Airport Long Term Parking

Cherry Capital Airport offers both short and long term parking options to those traveling. The airport is open 24/7, all year round, so you can always park no matter the time of day or night. Long term parking at Cherry Capital Airport is $14 a day.

The address for long term parking at Cherry Capital Airport is:

727 Fly Don’t Dr, Traverse City, MI 49686, United States.

For more information on Cherry Capital Airport long-term parking, please visit the airport website or contact the airport directly.

Cheapest Parking Near Cherry Capital Airport

If finding an affordable Cherry Capital Airport parking option is your number one priority, look no further.

The cheapest parking at Airport Parking is the long-term lot, which is $10 a day. The short-term lot is also available, but it’s more expensive.

The address for the cheapest parking at Cherry Capital Airport is:

727 Fly Don’t Dr, Traverse City, MI 49686, United States

If you want to save money on airport parking, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

The first thing to think about is location. Airport parking can be on or off the airport property. Usually, off-site parking is less expensive, but it might need a shuttle bus to get to the terminal.

The next thing you should consider is how long you plan on being gone. If it’s for a prolonged period, then long-term parking is more economical than short-term; though, with the latter option, depending on the length of your absence, you might have to use (and pay for) a shuttle service.

Lastly, make sure to compare rates for different airports. Some have loyalty programs which give discounts to people who fly frequently, so it’s definitely worth looking into if you want to save some money.

Covered Parking at TVC Airport

Covered parking is a great way to keep your car protected from the weather. Not only does it keep your car clean and dry, but it also keeps it from getting too hot or too cold.

Does Cherry Capital Airport have covered parking?

Cherry Capital Airport has covered parking. The airport offers both short-term and long-term parking options, all of which are covered. Covered parking at Cherry Capital Airport is $14 a day.

Parking your car in a covered garage is a great way to avoid any potential damage that may come from hail or snow.

Here is the address for covered parking at Cherry Capital Airport:

727 Fly Don’t Dr, Traverse City, MI 49686, United States

Valet Parking at Traverse City Airport

Does Cherry Capital Airport have valet parking?

Yes, Cherry Capital Airport does offer valet parking. It is located in the short-term parking lot, and the cost is $14 a day.

Valet parking at Cherry Capital Airport is at:

727 Fly Don’t Dr, Traverse City, MI 49686, United States


Airport parking doesn’t have to be a pain. There are plenty of options available, and with this guide, you can find the perfect one for you. Whether you’re looking for free or covered parking, we’ve got you covered. So next time you’re headed to Cherry Capital Airport, make sure to follow our tips and save yourself some time and money.